Every year one lucky city gets to experience the extravagance that comes along with hosting the Super Bowl, in 2018 that was Minneapolis. Though the game is the main attraction for sports fans, the unprecedented experience that the Super Bowl planning team has created draws people from around the country and world to that lucky city. Concerts, parties, celebrity meet and greets, and ice sculptures (at least in Minneapolis’s case) are just the beginning of a long list of events that bring together millions of people for other reasons besides football.

Though these awesome events were what get the public’s attention, many people were also focused on the positive economic impact that an event of this magnitude had on Minnesota. As Governor Dayton was very happy to announce earlier this week, Super Bowl LII added $370 million in net spending for Minnesota.

While initially an exciting figure, much of that $370 million came straight the tax payers.

What is often overlooked; and does not get a press conference from Governor Dayton, is the billions of dollars privately invested around the state from construction projects. Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement project being one of the largest in the State’s history.

Enbridge expects to privately invest up to $2.1 billion into Minnesota’s economy. That is 5.6 times more than the Super Bowl brought in. This is an astounding number that will not get a press conference from Governor Dayton because it is not yet even supported by the Governor.

This is not money that would come out of you and your neighbor’s pockets through spending, but money that a company is happily investing by hiring local workers, paying taxes, and purchasing products from local companies.

Often times the economic impact that the Line 3 Replacement project has to the state is overlooked. This is additional money that the state would be able to invest back into local schools, natural resources, job training, and many other areas that would benefit the people across Minnesota.

Though the economic impact from the Super Bowl is exciting, it is important to remember that large events such as that are not the only way that our state can add additional funds to their budget. While much less publicized, projects such as the Line 3 Replacement project invests $2.1 billion into our communities through private investment. This investment is what our elected officials should be excited to talk about.