We are incredibly disappointed by the decision today because Minnesota desperately needs Line 3 and almost four years of review, analysis, and unanimous decisions by regulators have proved this again and again.  Line 3 has clearly met the challenge of science, process and it has followed the letter of the law.

The facts and data will not change, regardless of how many times they are reviewed.  The only thing this needless appeal does is to create ambiguity in what has been a clear and robust regulatory process. Minnesotans across the state are in support of the thousands of jobs and understand the impact and importance of more than $2 billion in private sector investment in communities needing help.

Today’s decision by this Governor to have one part of state government continue to legally challenge a decision by another agency unfortunately shows us all that the reality of this administration’s leadership falls far short of what was promised.

Governor Walz assured us he would bring different parts and voices together to move our state forward in a way that benefits all of Minnesota, yet he has not met with people from communities along the route.  Instead of ensuring “that Minnesota’s permitting process is clear, thorough and fair,” this appeal and the new addition of an undefined “social permit”questions the credibility of the process when a company like Enbridge meets or exceeds what is required.

We still know that the Line 3 replacement project will move forward. The thousands of people across Minnesota who support this project will work even harder to make sure an aging pipeline is replaced and the largest privately financed construction project in our state’s history happens.