While Line 3 opponents try to grab headlines on D-Day, the truth is that Minnesotans have delivered 26,000 comments of support to Governor Walz and the DNR

As of Wednesday, June 5th Minnesotans for Line 3 has collected over 26,000 signatures from individuals across the state of Minnesota in support of the Line 3 Replacement Project. These signatures were part of both a letter of support that was delivered to Governor Walz and comment cards that were delivered to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources during the public comment period.

These 26,000 signatures are just one example of the strong support that Minnesotans have for this project. Throughout the process, Minnesotans for Line 3 supporters have respectfully showed that they want the Line 3 Replacement Project to move forward by following the rules – whether that be at meetings, submitting comments, or in their community. Today Line 3 opponents have decided to hold a protest against the project at the Minnesota State Capitol on what is the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

“Today marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day, when over 155,000 Americans lost their lives on the beaches of Normandy,” said Todd Rothe, a member of Minnesotans for Line 3. “Instead of recognizing this monumental event in our nation’s history, opponents are using it as a day to further their own agenda and gain attention by protesting the Line 3 Replacement Project. While this is frustrating to see such blatant disrespect, it needs to be acknowledged that our respectful support efforts have made just as much of an impact and difference.”

“The signatures collected on the letter to Governor Walz and during the DNR comment period are from real Minnesotans who live and work here and care deeply about our state,” Rothe said. “These are people who understand the importance of replacing aging infrastructure and the outstanding benefits that this project will provide to their communities. These are not signatures collected on a nation-wide petition from individuals from around the country who do not know about the project. We continue to gather signatures from people who live, work, and play in Minnesota and want what is best for our state.”

While groups opposed to Line 3 hope to use the scheduled protest to bring together names of people across the country who are against the pipeline replacement, Minnesotans for Line 3 believes it is important to recognize there are other important voices that are part of the broader conversation. The organization has gathered and collected 26,000 signatures of support from verified Minnesota residents across the state who support the Line 3 Replacement Project.