Today, Minnesotans for Line 3 Advisory Council Member, Todd Rothe, testified in front of the Subcommittee of Contracting and Infrastructure.

Representative Pete Stauber as the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee sat with a Minnesotans for Line 3 sign behind him, signifying his support for vital infrastructure projects that will create jobs and spur economic growth in his home state.

Rothe described the ways that infrastructure projects benefit small businesses and local economies by mentioning union labor and the purchasing of local materials and equipment. When asked about specific projects that have faced permitting issues, Rothe replied, “”It has taken 5 years to permit the Line 3 Replacement. Interestingly, WI has similar requirements, but the WI stretch has already been completed.”

Thank you Todd for supporting Line 3 and voicing the importance of this project for the state of Minnesota.

Watch the full hearing here (Todd Rothe speaks between 36:33 and 42:20 and the 55:00 minute mark).