The letter and signatures gathered by Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light is another attempt reframe the decision-making process by calling this “a moral issue” to oppose the project and ignore the ongoing need for energy we will continue to have for years to come.

I respect and appreciate the dedication and commitment of the people and groups who have signed the letter. Their willingness to be involved in this issue and the important decision about Line 3 matters. They do mean well, and their broader goal is to make Minnesota a better place and so is mine.

At the same time, more than 39,000 people who live in Minnesota have signed comment cards and letters supporting this project because they understand the reality of what a reliable and affordable supply of energy means.

Reliable access to cost-effective energy is what makes it possible to live in Minnesota. Taking affordable and reliable energy away from people who can least afford higher costs and the additional stress on their families for any reason is morally wrong.

I strongly resent the attempt to use misplaced “morality” to justify one subjective opinion that also attempts to denigrate anyone who may have a different point-of view.
If this “moral” opinion is transformed into an action that results in the denial of the project, it would immediately hurt thousands of struggling families who can least afford it. Again, that is immoral by any definition.

Mike Schoneberger