June 3, 2020

“The thousands of members of Minnesotans for Line 3 who live in communities along the Line 3 route today feel upset and misled by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s decision to not move this project forward and instead use the unnecessary contested case process for these important permits.

The same agency that earlier this year issued draft permits for Line 3 and today has dramatically changed its mind in a way that will create another needless delay.

Instead of following the rules and the process that that the MPCA has employed for years, they are now changing direction and creating another new hurdle for the project.

The process to replace Line 3 began some 5 years ago and has passed every test and met every standard.

Line 3 is already the most studied pipeline project in Minnesota history.  The MPCA’s decision will add even more needless review at a time when Minnesota needs leadership, jobs, investment, and the confidence that our state can move forward.

There have already been too many delays for a project that will protect the environment and lift our communities and economy at such a critically important time for Minnesota.”