Statement is from Aitkin Mayor Gary Tibbitts on behalf of Minnesotans for Line 3: 

“At a time when we desperately need leadership to help rebuild our economy, Minnesotans today instead received an economic slap in the face from the Walz Administration.

Governor Walz decision to again have one part of state government legally challenge a decision by another agency falls far short of what Minnesota needs at this challenging time. 

Instead of making the right and data-informed decision to accept six years of review to move Line 3 forward, he decided to disrespect the hard work done by regulators he has appointed.  

Having his agency again file an appeal wastes taxpayer dollars when the state faces a massive budget deficit. It is also misusing the courts and the review process to potentially delay a project that will immediately create jobs, help our economy, and protect the environment at a time when it has never been more needed.”