Contact: Susan Goudge | 218-556-3617

“Today is an important day and milestone for both Minnesota and the process and system we have to review and approve how we protect our environment and grow and support our economy.  After more than six years of review, the MPCA has issued a stormwater construction permit for the Line 3 Replacement project.

Enbridge has now received all of the permits and it’s now officially time to begin work.  Minnesota has listened to the science and followed the data that has repeatedly showed us that the Line 3 project is needed and will meet and exceed rigorous standards and requirements.

Almost a third of workers in the 14 Line 3 counties have filed for economic help. The final permit being issued means we are taking an important and needed step toward putting people back to work and bringing hope to businesses and communities.

At a time when we must also continue to be safe in a COVID-impacted world, it’s important to recognize that Enbridge just completed the North Dakota section of Line 3 without any COVID issues and many construction projects across Minnesota have gone on this year without any COVID issues.

This project has always been about replacing an aging part of our energy infrastructure to protect the environment, safely support our communities, and strengthen our economy. Enbridge and the team that will manage construction have a strong plan to make sure everyone and every community are safe.”