Minnesotans for Line 3 Brings Thousands of Messages of Support to Governor Walz as the Minnesota Court of Appeals Upholds the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission’s Decision to Issue a Certificate of Need and Route Permit for the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Project.

More than 5,000 People sent a message of thanks to Governor Walz for making sure permits were issued for Line 3 and that work on the much-needed project continues to move forward

(SAINT PAUL, MN)         On a day when another review of the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Project has proven the project is needed, Minnesotans for Line 3 today delivered more than 5,500 messages of support to Minnesota Governor Tim Walz’s office.  The signatures and messages were from individuals across Northern Minnesota and throughout the state who back the Line 3 pipeline replacement project. The signatures were delivered to Governor Walz to thank him for issuing permits and for allowing this important project to move forward.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals today reaffirmed that the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission made the right decision when the agency issued a certificate of need and a route permit for Line 3. 

“The court’s decision today means work will continue and that this should be the final yes to prove that Minnesota needs Line 3 to be replaced and the PUC made the right decision to grant the certificate of need and route permit,” said Mike Schoneberger, a member of Minnesotans for Line 3.  “After more than six years of review and analysis, it’s clear that the most studied pipeline project in Minnesota’s history has passed every test and is the best way to protect Minnesota’s environment and economy.  It’s time for everyone to accept this reality, respect the process and its outcome.”

People in all 87 Minnesota counties have supported the Line 3 project through the more than six years of review and permitting.  “Unlike pipeline opponents who depend on the Hollywood elite and out-of-state protesters,” Schoneberger said, “these signatures are from real men and women from right here in Minnesota who understand how important it is to fix the existing, yet crumbling, the Line 3 pipeline. While the outrageous protesters continue to make noise and wreak havoc on construction sites, we want Walz and everyone to remember that support for the Line 3 pipeline project far outweighs the opposition.”

In addition to the tens of thousands of Minnesotans who have signed postcards to show their support for this project, recent polls highlight the incredible backing this project has from people all over the state. Nearly 75 percent of Minnesotans agree that it was right to green light this project, and 80 percent say that this project should be allowed to continue to completion.

Minnesotans for Line 3 today delivered more than 5,600 messages of support and thanks to Gov. Walz for making sure the Line 3 permits were issued and that project continues to move forward.

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Minnesotans for Line 3 is an active, grassroots organization of people who understand how important it is to have reliable energy to power our economy and help maintain everyone’s quality of life. We also know the best way to protect our environment and natural resources is to replace aging infrastructure with a state-of-the-art pipeline that uses the newest technology available. To learn more, visit minnesotansforline3.com