Statement from Thief River Falls Mayor Brian Holmer on behalf of Minnesotans for Line 3

“Today we again saw protestors damage property, threaten workers and stop people from being able to go to work.  Behind the hypocrisy of so many people using fuel to come here from around the country to try to stop a project that will make it safer to transport energy, what happened today was disappointing desperation from opponents who know they are on the wrong side of facts and the reality that it makes sense to replace Line 3.  

Instead of respecting the process and the community, protestors instead trespassed and vandalized equipment that has impacted a Native American construction company.

Today is a day when we also need to see the “forest for the trees” when it comes to how people view Line 3.  People who live in Northern Minnesota have seen thousands of jobs and millions in positive economic impact from construction.  There are people in every county across Minnesota who support #Line3 and the last poll shows a majority of Minnesotans support the project and making sure construction continues. 

It’s time for the protests to stop, for work to continue, and to make sure Line 3 is completed.”


Contact: Susan Goudge | 218-556-3617