(ROCHESTER, MINN)      From the start of the permitting process to review and approve the Line 3 Replacement project, people across the 14 Northern Minnesota counties where the line is being built have been strongly supportive of the project, in part, because of the economic impact it represented.  But others across Minnesota who support Line 3 say the fact the project was permitted and is nearing completion is benefiting the entire state at a key time for Minnesota’s economy.

“Too often it seems that Minnesota is a place where it is difficult for important yet complex projects to get through the permitting and approval process,” said Greg Gallas, a Minnesotans for Line 3 supporter from Olmsted County. “In such a charged time, the fact permits were issued, billions are being invested here, and work is moving forward is incredibly vital. Line 3 sends a message that things here can still happen that move our state forward – even at such a challenging time. We could only wish all companies were as responsible and giving to communities.”

The first phase of construction work started last December and the second phase began in June and is now employing close to 5,000 workers.  Enbridge is investing more than $2 billion of private-sector dollars to replace the 337 mile section of the pipeline.  The process started in 2014 during the Obama-Biden Administration and the Line 3 project is now the most reviewed pipeline project in Minnesota history.

“For many it was frustrating that the process took so long, but seeing Line 3 get approved and attempts to challenge the permits fail validates the project,” Gallas said.  “For projects around Minnesota, this gives us all hope that we can still get things done in a way that creates jobs and protects our environment.  Many of us live far away from where Line 3 is being built but strongly support it because of how necessary it is and what it can mean for future projects.”

While protestors often get more media attention, there is strong, statewide support for Line 3.  There are people in every county in Minnesota who actively support Line 3.  Just recently Minnesotans for Line 3 delivered over 6,000 postcards and messages of support to Governor Walz to thank him for making sure permits were issued and that work continues.

Project supporters have attended dozens of meetings, sent in tens of thousands of supportive comments to regulators, made thousands of calls to elected officials, and taken other actions.  While there has been strong support in Northern Minnesota, Gallas said the statewide support is widespread.

“This is an important time for Minnesota, our economy and our environment,” Gallas said.  “It is often said ‘the world is run by those who show up.’  When it comes to Line 3, people like me and so many others have made sure we not only show up but stay engaged to make sure the project gets done.”

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