Minnesotans for Line 3 is an active, grassroots organization of people who understand how important it is to have reliable energy to power our economy and help maintain everyone’s quality of life. We also know the best way to protect our environment and natural resources is to replace aging infrastructure with a state-of-the-art pipeline that uses the newest technology available.

What began as Bob Schoneberger’s passion is now an organization of thousands of members working together to advocate for Line 3. We are committed to supporting the process and rules to approve and replace Line 3.

After 6 years of review and evaluation by state and federal experts, over 70 public meetings and tens of thousands of public comments, it is clear that we need Line 3. 

Our collective voice and advocacy have made an impact and a real difference, but our work is not done. We will continue to be active to support this project through construction.

We are Minnesotans for Line 3.

Founder emeritus
Bob Schoneberger

Advisory Council

Todd Rothe
JR Jensen Construction

Abby Loucks
United Piping

Matt Gordon
Gordon Construction

Mike Schoneberger 





People across Minnesota support the Line 3 Replacement project because they know how important it is to maintain and update our energy infrastructure.

Minnesotans for Line 3 is an important voice to support Line 3’s planning and construction.

Replacing Line 3 will make it possible to transport important crude oil through safe, efficient pipelines. 

Line 3 Replacement will handle 375,000 barrels of oil each day –
This is crude oil that will no longer be transported on train cars across the state and through cities. 

Line 3 Replacement can help reduce train and rail car congestion in the Twin Cities and other parts of Minnesota
Today three out of four trains in the Twin Cities are transporting crude oil.

Line 3 Replacement will create hundreds of good paying jobs along its 610-mile path –
People and their families in communities across the state will benefit from construction jobs created by the pipeline.

Line 3 Replacement will create thousands of additional jobs –
The $2.5 billion investment will require massive equipment and service purchases that will help support other businesses.

Line 3 Replacement helps improve the economy in cities along the line –
Businesses and communities across the state will benefit from the jobs and spending that comes with pipeline replacement.

Line 3 Replacement will pay $25 million annually in property taxes to local governments –
Each year, city and county governments will get big budget boosts from the replacement project.


Minnesotans for Line 3, 4510 Airport Road, Duluth, MN 55811