How many public comments were received in support and opposition to Line 3, and where were they from?

For over four years Line 3 has been reviewed, nearly 72,000 comments about the project have been submitted.  People opposed to Line 3 often claim that around 68,000 of the comments were from people opposed to the project.  What opponents are not telling you is that:

  • Most of these comments came from outside of Minnesota, and from states that don’t even border Minnesota, such as California, Florida, New York, and Massachusetts.
  • Most of these comments were from internet petitions targeting people across the country.
    • 28,000 came as signatures to an anonymous online petition based on “unique” email addresses.
    • 38,375 were signatures to a petition from Youth Climate Intervenors coming from 20 different countries.
    • Of nearly 68,000 comments only 1,923 of these comments were verified to be from actual Minnesotans.

So what do actual Minnesotans think about the project?  

  • Approximately 15,000 people who actually live in Minnesota signed a letter to Governor Walz supporting the Line 3 project.
  • Over 11,000 people who live in Minnesota submitted comments to the DNR in support of the project.
  • There have been resolutions of support from over 90 Minnesotan companies, units of government, and local organizations.
  • No counties along the route have opposed the project.
  • Agreements with over 95% of private landowners have been secured along the preferred route.

For a project that directly impacts Minnesotans, we believe it’s the voices of real Minnesotans that matter – not the voices of activists from around the country or world who want to stop any legal process by recruiting people who will always oppose any kind of oil project regardless of the circumstances and facts.

Additional Information:

The Truth about Line 3 

With so much information being shared and gathered about the Line 3 replacement project, it’s important to help everyone stay focused on the facts, address any misconceptions, and make sure that information about Line 3 is grounded in truth.

Minnesotans for Line 3 has identified some common questions about the project along with information, facts, and other background that answer those important questions.