Construction to replace Line 3 started in December 2020 across 14 Minnesota counties, and it is now complete. 

Northern Minnesota has already seen the immediate benefits from the largest privately funded construction project in recent history. Our communities, businesses, and people will continue to see the positive impact through the end of construction and beyond.

Job Creation

  • 5,400 workers during peak construction
  • Increase in local retail, hospitality, and supplier/manufacturer jobs
  • $250 Million spent on tribal economic opportunities (well beyond the original $100 Million commitment)

Economic Impact

  • Significant boost to retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and other small businesses throughout Northern Minnesota
  • $35 Million annual property tax increase, benefitting local communities

Increased Safety

  • Replacing aging infrastructure from the 1960s with state-of-the-art technology and thicker pipe
  • Pipelines are the safest, cleanest way to transport oil, and Line 3 reduces the need to move oil by trains and truck

A Majority of Minnesotans Support Line 3’s Approval and Believe It Has Jumpstarted the Economy

(THIEF RIVER FALLS, MINN)        Five months after the start of construction on the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Project, a majority of Minnesotans not only support the decision to allow it to move forward, a strong majority also believe the project should be allowed to be completed.  The findings are from a new American Strategies poll of registered voters in Minnesota that was conducted from April 15 to April 19, 2021.

Line 3 is Energizing Minnesota’s Economy!

Work on Minnesota’s largest infrastructure project has started and the northern Minnesota economy is already reaping the benefits. Line 3 supporters are sharing some of the stories of lives and businesses positively impacted by the project. Go Line 3!