Replacing Line 3 is the Best Plan for Minnesota

It’s time for the safest way to a better future, and Line 3 is the answer. It’s the cleanest way to move the energy we all rely on, the best way to protect our environment, and a way to jumpstart Minnesota’s economy when we need it most.

Why does Minnesota need a replacement pipeline?

Line 3 was built over 50 years ago, and as a result of its age, it is currently operating at reduced capacity and requires significant ongoing maintenance (as many as 6,000 integrity digs and other repairs within the next 15 years).

How can replacing Line 3 protect the environment?

Replacing Line 3 with new state-of-the-art technology will ensure that it operates safely without heavy ongoing maintenance that can be disruptive to the land. It is also proven that pipelines are the safest way to transport oil and restoring the line’s full capacity will reduce the need to transport oil via less safe methods, such as trains and trucks.

How much money is being privately invested to replace Line 3?

Enbridge is spending $2.6 Billion – over twice the amount spent on the US Bank Stadium project – to replace Line 3. Even better, taxpayers won’t have to foot the bill.

How many jobs will the project create? 

The replacement will bring an estimated 4,200 construction jobs right here to Minnesota, helping us get us back on our feet. These are well-paying union jobs that lift up workers and support their families.

How can Line 3 positively impact Minnesota communities?

Line 3 will boost our local northern Minnesota economy by bringing people back to our stores, restaurants, and hotels during construction. In addition, it will add millions to the tax base that will help fund schools, roads, bridges, and other local resources in communities along the route.

How soon can the Line 3 replacement begin?

The project is shovel-ready. After over 5 years of review, Line 3 has passed every test and is ready for permits. Once the final permits are approved, construction can begin. However, after repeatedly saying that the draft permits were strong, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has announced it will hold a contested case hearing on the draft 401 water quality permit for Line 3, leading to further needless delay in this project that is ready to move forward.


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