If you care about protecting water and natural resources, how can you support Line 3?

Minnesota can have both a safe way to transport energy and protect our natural resources.  Replacing Line 3 is an important step in ensuring these realities and another reason to move the project forward.

A lot of thought and planning was invested into the route selection for the Line 3 Replacement Project., State and federal regulations, along with agency, tribal, landowner, and other stakeholder input were all taken into account. After a general route location was identified, Enbridge conducted detailed environmental surveys to refine the route even further so as to avoid and minimize human and environmental impacts and to plan appropriate measures to minimize impacts in construction and operation.

Enbridge  will employ planned measures to minimize impact and protect the environment. Enbridge will retain environmental inspectors who will ensure that contractors abide by all regulatory requirements and permit conditions, and the project will be supervised by third-party environmental monitors who will register any concerns to appropriate agencies.

The existing Line 3 is over 60 years old, meaning there is a much higher chance of a spill with the existing line than with a new state-of-the-art pipeline will. The new pipeline would have the technology to detect a possible leak much faster than the old, making it easier to prevent disasters if they were to happen.

The replacement of Line 3 will be the safest way to continue providing Minnesotans the energy it needs while protecting our treasured natural resources.

Additional Information:

The Truth about Line 3 

With so much information being shared and gathered about the Line 3 replacement project, it’s important to help everyone stay focused on the facts, address any misconceptions, and make sure that information about Line 3 is grounded in truth.

Minnesotans for Line 3 has identified some common questions about the project along with information, facts, and other background that answer those important questions.